Committed to Sustainability

Advance International Inc. is committed to sourcing only the most sustainable seafood on the planet for use in the creation of A Perfect Protein® - our highly nutritious protein powder.  A Perfect Protein® is the only fish protein to carry the Certified Sustainable Seafood ecolabel from the Marine Stewardship Council.

Blue is the New Green!

Most alternative proteins require massive amounts of land and resources to harvest, so let's avoid overtaxing our scarce resources to create alternative proteins.

Think big...oceanic!


In traditional land and plant protein manufacturing huge amounts of arable land, fresh water, chemicals, pesticides, enzymes and acids are used to either care for the protein source or collect from the protein source. But it doesn't have to be this way. Advance International's patented process uses no fresh water, pesticides, enzymes, or arable land to produce A Perfect Protein® – the only ingredient is 100% WILD OCEANIC™ and MSC™ sourced and certified fish. That means more land to grow our fruits and veggies, a lighter burden on our scarce water supply, and a more efficient food supply system.

Using highly efficient, sustainable, green technology to extract the high quality protein from whole fish, Advance International's entire process is extremely eco-friendly. The manufacturing process produces low-to-zero waste with an extremely small carbon footprint.

Produced with a clean label, A Perfect Protein® is just simply that - pure, safe, premium protein from the most sustainable protein source in the world, the ocean.

♦ Sourced from Marine Stewardship Council™ Certified Fisheries
♦ Industry Certified and Compliant

♦ No Pesticides
♦ No Hormones
♦ No Fertiizers
♦ Zero Fresh Water Requirement

♦ Patented, Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Technology
♦ Low Carbon Footprint
♦ Non-GMO Project Certified


Certified Sustainable

We use only species certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. A sustainable fish is defined as a wild fish that is harvested at a rate that allows the population to rebuild itself each year, ensuring safe and nutrient-rich protein for generations to come.


100% Wild Oceanic™️

Fish protein is organic, made with wild, non-GMO fish, free of pesticides, hormones, preservatives, and additives, making APP® the purest protein on the market.

seaviour square

Low Impact

Our patented SEAVIOR manufacturing system is scalable and compact. Its closed loop system produces no emissions, making it an incredibly environmentally friendly and safe alternative protein. This minimal-waste system processes the raw fish material into protein powder, pharmaceutical grade omega oil, and double distilled water.